Meeting our clients’ needs and requirements are out top priority in conducting our courses. We utilize 3 methods of training to suit the needs and requirements of our clients namely classroom, E-Learning and Blended Learning.

The classroom technique is similar to that of the school classroom environment. Participants will undergo training at specified venues which will be conducted full-time by our qualified trainers. Training rooms are also available at our headquarters.

The E-Learning technique enables participants to study their course content via the Internet. This gives them the freedom to complete the training at their own pace, but within a stipulated timeframe. Employers also have the benefit of monitoring the progress of their employee’s online through our Learning Management System. Bostonweb Academy offers a wide range of course titles under our E-Learning catalogue. We work with the world leading E-Learning content providers to develop a comprehensive syllabus that is of international standards. Upon completion of the courses, participants will receive Certificate of Completion from our participating partners.

Blended Learning combines both the classroom method and E-Learning method to maximize the teaching process to meet the needs of both the participants and their employers. Besides being the most economical method, it provides a well-rounded learning experience, offering the best both worlds to learners.

Our consultants are happy to discuss the training method most suited to your organization.